On Friday 05 March 2010, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
>* Gene Heskett <gene.hesk...@gmail.com> [03-05-10 11:16]:
>> The print head in my Epson NX515 is in serious need of cleaning.  This
>> device doesn't seem to have readily available maintenance menu for this
>> until some powerup timeout has expired.  And then its buried behind other
>> less important stuff.  And it looks as if the first pass didn't get all
>> the plugged nozzles.
>> :(
>> MTink used to be able to do this immediately so one didn't have to wait
>> around 15-20 minutes for the printer to decide to let one do it.
>> MTink has now lain semi-dormant for around 3 years and can no longer
>> access the newer printers.
>> Is there any hope of linux ever having a working utility for this again?
>escputil packaged in gutenprint will do this function and check the
>nozzles and display ink levels, ...

The version I have only supports the NX's up to 400.  That driver doesn't 
work with an NX-515.

I just found a tarball of 5.2.4, built and installed it, but then checked the 
rpm version for F10, they are the same.  So not much help there.  I take it 
there is an even newer version?  Link?


Cheers, Gene
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