Am Donnerstag, 25. März 2010 00:49:46 schrieb Gracia M. Littauer:
> On Monday 22 March 2010 07:48:13 pm Sven Neumann wrote:
> > You could start by using an updated version. Not sure if there are any
> > relevant fixes, but 2.6.2 is really very very outdated. Try to get your
> > hands on 2.6.8 and a recent version of GTK+.
> Since you are so knowledgeable, maybe you can tell my good friend where she
> can get a suse version of gimp 2.6.7?? We have looked everywhere.

First, in most distributions, upgrading to a more recent version of any 
program should be possible using the installation tools of this distribution - 
which yould be yast in case of suse. Please read the manuals of your 
distribution on how to upgrade packages for that distribution using the 
distributions' tools.

Secondly, if this is not possible, you could try and have a look at
Sadly, the list there is not ordered by version, but I found 2.6.7 on top of 
page 2 - and the current version (2.6.8) is also available from that site.



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