for...@gimpusers.com (2010-07-28 at 0914.52 +0200):
> >Say you draw a monochrome gradient from back to white along 2560 pixels.
> >You only have 256 different colors, thus you get bands 10 pixels wide.
> >And dithering does not have a real effect in such a case.
> I'm in RGB mode. The image is 2480px wide and 2794px high.

Really big image... if dithering is not helping, and some passes of
Spread filter are not hidding the problem, not much you can do

Also, are you sure your monitor is not the one giving you some extra
banding? Some are sold as 24 bit color, but are "18 plus tricks".

> Is there a way that I can create a smooth gradient?

Higher bit depth, which is not possible in GIMP for now.

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