jbi...@mit.edu (2010-08-18 at 1046.30 -0400):
> Thanks for the reply, but that's not quite what I'm looking for. 
> Flipping the pen around is actually very cumbersome for me. Yes, if I 
> turn the pen around and use the "eraser" then the previous tool selected 
> by the "eraser" will be activated again. However, I need the "eraser 
> tool" far more often than I would use a normal eraser, and so I would 
> like a quicker way to change tools. In particular, I would like to do 
> like in Xournal, where the "right mouse click" event activates the 
> eraser. Also, maybe I'm just tremendously uncoordinated, but I drop the 
> pen half of the time when I'm trying to flip around to use the eraser.

Ooh, sorry, I misread it thinking you wanted the eraser tip to work as

No, no way to change bindings in that sense, you can tell the driver
to swap the side buttons (or do it via xmodmap or xinput) and even to
fake keyboard presses with the tablet keys; but making GIMP use a
button as toggle or even a selector of a given tool is not possible
(or very well hidden). The only single swapper I can remember now is
the swap FB/BG. Ohh... and space for move tool (or pan or nothing),
but that one is hardcoded (to 3 options, pick one), so you would had
to edit the source and recompile, assuming keeping the space key down
is acceptable (if you have to press alt, shift, control for other
eraser options... not so nice to also need space).

As crutch you can use the keyboard and maybe rearrange the bindings so
eraser is Ekey instead of Shift+E, to make it faster to access. Then
you could use the fake keypresses feature with the tablet keys, but
you should also bind some other tools to be able to go back to
whatever you use. If you use a handful tools, forget the tablet keys,
just keep one hand over the keyboard.

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