On 09/10/2010 15:36, gerard82 wrote:
> I want to buy a Wacom tablet for use in Gimp.
> I browsed the web and noticed they come in different sizes.
> Is size important and why?

Not *that* important... bigger tablets mean wider moves, but bigger 
tablets are also more accurate. Personally I like my Bamboo One, it's 
small enough to be slipped in the PC bag when needed.

> Also some come with "touch" is it of any use in Gimp?

Yes... many Gimp tools are pressure-sensitive with a tablet, and will 
give you the choice of how to apply the pressure (opacity, width...). 
The "pro" tablets have a more accurate pressure scale (4096 values, vs 
256 for an entry-level Bamboo).

Another cool feature of most Wacom tablets is that both stylus tips are 
active, so you can switch tools by reversing the stylus (one isn't 
pressure sensitive and is usually asigned to the Eraser tool.


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