>On 10/09/2010 06:36 AM, gerard82 wrote:
>> I want to buy a Wacom tablet for use in Gimp.
>> I browsed the web and noticed they come in different sizes.
>> Is size important and why?
>> Also some come with "touch" is it of any use in Gimp?
>> Gerard.
>Just my 2 cents here.  Someone pointed out to me that if I didn't do 
>large gestural drawing a 4x6 would do me fine and save me a lot of 
>money.  They were right.  I've never missed a larger one.  What I'm 
>envious of is tilt.  My Bamboo Fun doesn't have tilt, and gimp is able 
>to respond to tilt.  It would make some things more expressive, imagine 
>tilting your brush and laying more of it on a canvas then straightening 
>it up during a stroke for example.

>Touch could be cool.  Touch is where you don't need the stylus, but (I 
>am imagining since I don't have it) the precision is less.  Imagine 
>reaching out to a canvas with your finger and smudging something.  That 
>would be cool.

>You didn't say what kind of system you use.  New Wacom tablets are 
>supported right away on Mac and Windows, but lag a little bit (could be 
>a few days to a few months depending) on Linux.  Any other questions 
>feel free to ask.


Thanks for your reply Patrick.
I'm on Gentoo Linux which forces you to learn the inner workings of Linux.
I know about the lag of Linux but there's a lot of source code available that 
you can compile yourself.Double fun.
I am purely an amateur so speed in producing results is no concern.
Your post has made me doubt what would be best.
The cheapest Intuos (which I think has tilt) comes at € 220 (6x4 ins).

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