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> My apologies for this OT post, but I need some help from an "image expert",
> and I thought the Gimp list might have one or two.
> When I upload images from a friend's digital camera, a Java web app is not
> able to create thumbnails (they appear black with the title of the image in
> the image area). However, clicking on the missing thumbnail renders the full
> image. When I upload images from a different camera, the same app generates
> the thumbnail and also renders the full image. Is there a special setting
> that camera's have to have set to allow thumbnails to be created? Both file
> types are jpeg. I am not seeing any error messages from the app.

Yep, definitely off-topic :p

Those applications you mentioned probably aren't generating
thumbnails. They're just using the existing thumbnail that's embedded
in the file. Most cameras embed a thumbnail in the JPG file, some do
not. Your friend's camera probably just doesn't have those thumbnails

To keep this on-topic: Gimp and most other image editors have an
option to include a thumbnail when saving a JPG file. I typically
disable this option for web graphics to make the file size smaller.

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