On 10/23/2010 02:27 PM, Frank Gore wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 2:11 PM, Mark Phillips
> <m...@phillipsmarketing.biz>  wrote:
>> My apologies for this OT post, but I need some help from an "image expert",
>> and I thought the Gimp list might have one or two.
>> When I upload images from a friend's digital camera, a Java web app is not
>> able to create thumbnails (they appear black with the title of the image in
>> the image area). However, clicking on the missing thumbnail renders the full
>> image. When I upload images from a different camera, the same app generates
>> the thumbnail and also renders the full image. Is there a special setting
>> that camera's have to have set to allow thumbnails to be created? Both file
>> types are jpeg. I am not seeing any error messages from the app.
> Yep, definitely off-topic :p
> Those applications you mentioned probably aren't generating
> thumbnails. They're just using the existing thumbnail that's embedded
> in the file. Most cameras embed a thumbnail in the JPG file, some do
> not. Your friend's camera probably just doesn't have those thumbnails
> embedded.
> To keep this on-topic: Gimp and most other image editors have an
> option to include a thumbnail when saving a JPG file. I typically
> disable this option for web graphics to make the file size smaller.
> --
> Frank Gore

One caution that should be mentioned if the OP decides to use the Gimp option 
Frank mentioned to generate thumbnails when saving JPG files.  If the JPG is 
opened in gimp and then saved (even though "no changes" are made), the JPG will 
suffer some amount of quality loss even if the highest quality level is 
when saving.  I run into a _lot_ of people who are simply not aware that 
time a JPG is saved, the quality is reduced.

BTW, to accomplish the addition of the preview in Gimp in this circumstance you 
need to use "Save As" (probably on top of the same name) and tick the checkbox 
about preview images.  Make sure the quality slider is all the way to maximum.

Test this all first by copying one or more images to a different 
directory/folder and working on the copy.

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