On 11/02/2010 11:13 PM, Lorenzo Bettini wrote:
> Hi
> I must admit I'm kind of newbie in image editing... I was trying to
> resize a photo to 5x7 cm, using the scale image dialog, using
> centimeters...  however the resulting image is smaller, and also the
> grid, when set to cm, (using 100% zoom) uses something that's smaller
> than a centimeter...  what am I doing wrong?
> thanks in advance
>       Lorenzo

The size of a picture is related to its number of pixels for a given 
display definition (72 to 120PPI on screens, up to 600PPI on paper) 
(pixels/definition=size). However the actual definition of the output is 
so variable that in most cases one doesn't bother, and produces an image 
that will have "sufficient" pixels (so if you know you are going to 
print and doing the image from scratch you can set 300PPI in the "new" 

In any case the actual output size will be specified when printing... 
(personally when I want very specific dimensions I put the image in a 
word processor (MS-Word, OpenOffice Writer) and set the image dimensions 

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