On 11/03/2010 09:28 AM, Tőkés Ábel wrote:
> 11/2/2010 11:13 PM keltezéssel, Lorenzo Bettini írta:
>> Hi
>> I must admit I'm kind of newbie in image editing... I was trying to
>> resize a photo to 5x7 cm, using the scale image dialog, using
>> centimeters...  however the resulting image is smaller, and also the
>> grid, when set to cm, (using 100% zoom) uses something that's smaller
>> than a centimeter...  what am I doing wrong?
>> thanks in advance
>>      Lorenzo
> Hi,
> I think a possible reason can be: The resolution of your monitor is
> better than the resolution set in Scale Image window. I tried and
> experienced the same thing as you, and I got a 5x7 cm square with X and
> Y resolution 89 pixels/in on my monitor.
> The reason of this is that at 100% zoom level, gimp indicates each pixel
> of the picture on one pixel of the monitor, independently from
> resolution. Resolution and image size in pixels determine together the
> image size in cm. The meaning of image size of 5x7 cm for eg. 72
> pixels/in when your monitor has a different resolution is that if you
> print your image with the set resolution, you will get the an 5x7 cm
> image. (72 pixel/in printed is quite poor resolution.)

Hi Abel

does this mean that even if I don't see it correctly on the screen, the 
image will be printed with the correct dimensions 5x7 cm?


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