Hello my names Mike, and I've been using Gimp ever sense I was 12, and I'm now 
18, and turning 19 February 13th, so it's been 6 years of designing for me in 
the Gimp, and coming close to 7 years.

I'm more for graphic, and web designing, but I've been working on painting 
(still have a lot of work to do), 3d designing, and photo manipulations. 
Alongside Gimp I also use [url=http://blender.org/]Blender[/url] for 3d 
modeling, as well as video production. I'm also getting into producing music, 
in which I use [url=http://lmms.sourceforge.net/]LMMS[/url] (Linux Multimedia 
Studio) for that process, and 
[url=http://audacity.sourceforge.net/]Audacity[/url] as an audio editor.

You can view my gallery [url=http://mikethedj4.deviantart.com/]here[/url], and 
the images below are some designs I've created over the years.


I created two tutorial websites about 2 months ago, and still working on 
getting the site situated as I want before the tutorials come out, and my gimp 
tutorial website is [url=http://gimppimp.tk/]GimpPimp[/url], and I have another 
tutorial site called [url=http://blenderpimp.tk/]BlenderPimp[/url] which is 
strictly for video production with Blender (and maybe audacity and lmms if they 
come up). If you guys wanna checkout my official website head 
[url=http://officialspeed.tk/]here[/url], and I'm almost done with my rap 
album, and I'll put one of the songs on there, but it won't be free, it'll just 
be a preview of the song. I'll make a music video for it, and put it on my 
[url=http://www.youtube.com/mikethedj4]YouTube Channel[/url] I just don't know 
when yet, but you guys can also hit up my YouTube Channel to checkout my Gimp 
tutorials (check them while you can, cause once I get GimpPimp's tutorials up 
I'll be removing almost all my later gimp tutorials on my channel)

Also for thoughs that have heard of me you can become a fan on my new 
Fanpage[/url]. (I haven't told anyone about it until now so you guys are the 

Also you guys can head [url=http://officialspeed.tk/topics/22]here[/url] to use 
some userbars I created in Gimp, and they're free so you don't haft to spend a 
penny. Hope you enjoy them!


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