Atrus wrote:
> 1. Set x to 1
> 2. Apply Colorize with Hue = x (all other values are at their default)
> 3. Save image as x.png
> 4. Undo to previous state.
> 5. Increment x by 1
> 6. Repeat steps 2-5 until x equals 361
> What would be the best approach to accomplishing this?

A small script written in Scheme or Python would be the best way to do the 
above. Doing it by hand will be very tedious. As I suspect you are about to 
say you wouldn't know how to write such a script, you would have to see if 
you can talk someone in to writing such a script for you.

BTW, hue values range from -180 through to 180 (inclusive) in GIMP.
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