Quoting Jeremy Nell <jeremyn...@gmail.com>:

> This is brilliant (and should be a standard feature in Gimp).

I disagree (with the "standard feature" part, and any brilliance lies  
mainly with GIMP's extensibility through scripting). The approach is  
something of an abuse of chain linking, and of visibility; and for the  
most part its usefulness will be obviated by the introduction of layer  
groups in 2.8.

> ...  There is, however, an interesting dynamic to this script.
> If layer 1 is visible, but layer 2 is not visible, and both are linked,
> then merging them results in the non-visible layer becoming visible ...

Technically, neither of the original layers exist after the merge, a  
new layer is created; but from a "least surprise" standpoint, I  
understand your meaning (and what if all of the linked layers are  
hidden, should the merge result not also be hidden?).

> I'm not sure whether or not this is a good or bad thing; I'm
> undecided...

For what it's worth, the first version of the script would merge only  
the visible linked layers, and it was only after I added the "Merge  
linked" command to the menus that I reconsidered based upon the  
behavior not matching the name of the command (and not being able to  
think of a more suitable name).

To me, this script is pretty much a throwaway "convenience" function  
and its behavior should be customized to best suit a particular task.  
If you decide you want it to behave differently, we can customize it  
to do what you want. If I were writing the script for myself, I'd  
probably limit the merging to only visible linked layers but that  
might not fit your expectations.

> (but only after another layer has been clicked on).

A mistake on my part. I forgot to update the display. This has been  
fixed (updated version available from the same webpage,  

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