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> Oh oh, he's been drinking the koolaid.  What we FOSS people are objecting 
> to is the WGA that gets installed with SP2 I believe it was, and this thing 
> does phone home on every reboot to check if its a legally purchased and 
> registered copy, AND that it is running on the same hardware it was 
> originally installed on.

WGA is a separate update, and you don't need to install it (while it is
among the auto-install updates, you can tell Windows to never install it,
and even if you forget that, it will not actually install unless you
explicitly agree - it displays a license on next boot, and if you choose
"Do not agree", and click Next and then Cancel, it won't bother you again).

> Change a hard drive because it went face down in 
> the pool, and you have to buy _another_ copy of windows. 

Don't spread lies - first, if you have an OEM copy of Windows (that was
pre-installed by a major computer manufacturer), it'll never deactivate (as
long as you keep the motherboard), because it only checks the license in
BIOS. If you have a non-branded OEM copy or a retail version, you'll at
worst have to call the activation centre (but this is only needed in rare
circumstances - usually Windows will just activate automatically, assuming
some time has passed since last activation). While it's not legal to move
an OEM copy from one computer to another, you can even do that, since
there's no real way to tell you did it (unless let WGA install, and you use
Windows on both computers). There's no restrictions 

> And if someone 
> publishes a way to defeat this "feature", they find a DMCA take down notice 
> from M$ the next day.

Doing a google search would suggest otherwise.

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