Leonard Evens wrote:
>> I just installed Fedora 14

Wow! Fedora is up to version 14 now? It didn't seem that long ago that 11 
came out.

> I found instructions to do Filters>script-fu>Refresh Scripts.
> That produced the following message.
> Plug-in "script-fu"
> (/usr/lib64/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/script-fu)
> attempted to register the menu item "<Image>/Filters/Combine" for
> procedure "script-fu-pandora-combine".
> The menu label given in gimp_install_procedure() already contained a
> path.  To make this work, pass just the menu's label to
> gimp_install_procedure().

You are dealing with an old script that hasn't been updated for use with a 
recent version of GIMP. One option is to ask the author to update the 
script. The other is to fix it yourself.

Scripts no longer include the menu path in the register block and it has 
been this way for quite some time. The register block is now used to state 
the label for the menu entry and a menu_register block has the path that 
indicates where the menu entry is to appear.

Look at the other Script-Fu scripts which ship with GIMP to see how to set 
up the register blocks correctly.
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