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> I think you will have to fake it. Draw the curve and keep it as a path.  
> Assuming you want (say) the x-axis to have equal increments, set up the grid, 
> enable snap-to-grid, and paint constraining the line with shift for 
> point-to-point and ctrl for angles

... here's how to use the path as specification for a curves-alike
color mapping:

  0. Install Rob Antonishen's "Sample Gradient along Path" Script [1]

  1. Create image 256x256 pixels
  2. Draw gradient black to white from bottom to top
  3. Create the desired curve as a path
  4. Create a new gradient via "sample gradient along path"
      - with 256 steps and
      - sample radius = 1
  5. Switch to target image
  6. Apply Colors->Map->Gradient Map

not for the faint of heart...


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