>>For one of the many usual reasons, I had to wipe my c:\ hard drive and 
>>re-install Vista Home Premium and all my software.

>>specifically, I followed the directions in 
>>to get Python-Fu working again -- NOT!
>Can anybody tell me where I went wrong and what I should install instead of 
>the above and/or what to do about the DLL(s) in the error message? HELP!

>I've had a similar experience with python 2.6, the all-in-one package has not 
>improved things. I also followed that tutorial to no avail.

>Helping someone install python in win7 a couple of weeks ago and various 
>combinations from latest-to-older of cairo-gobject-gtk failed. In the end 
>resorted to python 2.5 which at least does work. I dare say that there will be 
>python scripts that will not work with 2.5 but so far photivo launcher, gurm, 
>etc work.

>These are the packages I know do work

>And FWIW a video installing in Win7 (about 5 minutes)

>If you do find a mix of python 2.6 that works please inform & I will be 
>eternally grateful.

Sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman and all of the above worked like a charm 
and GIMP now starts just fine. However, I had all kinds of Python 2.6 stuff 
lurking on my PC. Here is how a hard-bitten (because I have been bitten hard 
many times by Windows) Windows victim...er...I mean Windows user cleans up his 
or her PC:

How to really un-install software.

1. Go to http://eusing.com/free_registry_cleaner/registry_cleaner.htm and 
download and install the Eusing Free Registry Cleaner.
2. Go to Start - Computer, find your hard drive (c:\), select it, on the 
Windows Explorer Toolbar, click on Organize, and then Folder and Search 
Options. In the tabbed wizard that comes up, click on the View tab, and then 
click on the radio button that reads "Show hidden files and folders," click 
"Apply" and then click "Apply to Folders" and click Yes in the little box that 
pops up. Close Windows Explorer and open it right back up again.
3. Go to C:\windows\system32 and scroll down until you see "regedit32" or 
"regedit32.exe" (depending on whether you have the stupidest Windows default 
ever -- "Hide extensions for known file types" -- checked in the aforementioned 
"Folder and Search Options" wizard), right click on it and select "Run as an 
4. Try uninstalling all the Python-related software usi9ng the Windows 
installer. If you do not know how to do this, RTFM (read the "fine" manual!). 
That is, fire up the Windows help menu and look up "uninstall."
5. Chances are, the Windows uninstaller will leave bits and pieces of Python 
all over the place which might mess things up. Let's vaporize everything!
5a. Open Windows Explorer and delete the Phython folder (ex. C:\Phthon26).
5b. Above the usual "C:\Program files" you should now see the hidden 
"C:\Program data" folder. Poke around in its sub-folders and delete anything 
that looks Python-ish.
5c. Find C:\users. Under this folder should be a sub-folder for each "user" on 
your PC. Open each one, look for an "AppData" folder. Under the "AppData" 
folder will be a bunch of sub-folders. Open each one and delete anything 
5d. This is hard-core Windows stuff but it has to be done. In the Registry 
Editor navigation pane are two folders: HKEY_CURRENT_USER and 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Open each one. Go down to "software." Open each "software" 
and delete anything that looks Python-ish. Then close RegEdit.
6. Run the Eusing Free Registry Cleaner. When it comes up, click Skip on the 
registration wizard. Then click on Scan registry issuers. When the scan 
finishes (you will probably see some Python-ish stuff in the list), click on 
Repair registry issues. After that finishes, close the Cleaner.

Now all the Python 2.5 stuff should install cleanly.

Chuck "The Technomasochist" Small

charlessmall18 (via gimpusers.com)
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