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> Is there any way to just rotate a rectangular image?  I have often scanned in 
> something that's not square, it's often a brochure that's taller than it is 
> wide.  But when I scanned it, I had turn it sideways to get the whole thing 
> visible to the scanner.  So it scans completely, but now I have an image of 
> it that's not "up is up"-- I have "up is right" or "up is left."  But  now I 
> have to do all this junkbutter: 1) Look at the canvas size, 2) make the width 
> & height equal to the larger of the two, 3) use the Rotate tool to turn the 
> image 90 degrees, then 4) do some magic to move the image to start at the 
> upper-left, and 5) crop it back down to get rid of the blank space on the 
> bottom.  YUCKY!  Is there some magic tool I haven't found yet that will 
> rotate, move and crop all in one step?  I just want to turn the entire image 
> on it's side without any other fuss.  Is that possible somehow?  I have to 
> assume it is, but I sure couldn't find it...  thanks!

Image -> Transform -> Rotate (direction)

Rotates the entire image and canvas in one step.

Frank Gore
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