On Tuesday, August 30, 2011, Jodko wrote:
> Hi guys,
> First, all my apologies for the mistake I can make because I'm French
> native speaker.
> This post to describe a problem I'm facing :
> I've got Win XP
> I've got Gimp 2.6.11
> I've got Gimp plugin Resynthesizer downloaded there :
> http://registry.gimp.org/node/9148 I've tried with 3, 6 and more than 11
> Go of swap memory
> When I try to use the plugin on a Raw of 20 Mo or a Jpeg of 4 Mo I get
> the following error message :
> Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library : Runtime Error.
> program : c:\...\resynth.exe
> This application hes requested the Runtime to terminate it in a unusual
> way. Please contact the program support team (or peezee) to get some
> help.
> But it's OK for jpeg with a lower size (about 800 width)
> I'm wondering what I can do to solve this issue (hardware upgrade,
> software upgrade...).

how much Physical memory?

Could try to re-install / upgrade Visual C++ Runtime Library, if that fails
try an older version of resynthesizer (older than april 2011, see below) If 
that fails, or provides more info, contact the packager of Resynthesizer and 
see what they recommend, perhaps its a bug, perhaps its a feature.

Apparently the person maintaining the source code took over in April  and 
made some significant changes to the way the program was coded. (rewritten in 
C and Python, in Gimp style, etc) At least at that time, were not the one 
packaging the windows binaries. You may need to contact both.

You might also try the forums at Gimp Plugin Registry.

good luck
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