>On Tuesday, August 30, 2011, Jodko wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> First, all my apologies for the mistake I can make because I'm French
>> native speaker.
>> This post to describe a problem I'm facing :
>> I've got Win XP
>> I've got Gimp 2.6.11
>> I've got Gimp plugin Resynthesizer downloaded there :
>> http://registry.gimp.org/node/9148 I've tried with 3, 6 and more than 11
>> Go of swap memory
>> When I try to use the plugin on a Raw of 20 Mo or a Jpeg of 4 Mo I get
>> the following error message :
>> Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library : Runtime Error.
>> program : c:\...\resynth.exe
>> This application hes requested the Runtime to terminate it in a unusual
>> way. Please contact the program support team (or peezee) to get some
>> help.
>> But it's OK for jpeg with a lower size (about 800 width)
>> I'm wondering what I can do to solve this issue (hardware upgrade,
>> software upgrade...).

>how much Physical memory?

>Could try to re-install / upgrade Visual C++ Runtime Library, if that fails
>try an older version of resynthesizer (older than april 2011, see below) If 
>that fails, or provides more info, contact the packager of Resynthesizer and 
>see what they recommend, perhaps its a bug, perhaps its a feature.

>Apparently the person maintaining the source code took over in April  and 
>made some significant changes to the way the program was coded. (rewritten in 
>C and Python, in Gimp style, etc) At least at that time, were not the one 
>packaging the windows binaries. You may need to contact both.

>You might also try the forums at Gimp Plugin Registry.

>good luck


First, I'm with 1,92 Go of RAM, and I tried with 2,5 Go , 5 Go and over 11 Go 
of SWAP.

I also tried with an older version of resynthesizer and unfortunatly, I can't 
find it again. I'll try again soon and keep you posted. 

Thx for your time.

Jodko (via gimpusers.com)
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