2011/9/5 Cristian Secară :
> I would like to know what is the use of the "enter tags" text box in
> the default Brushes / Patterns / Gradients panel. Is this new feature
> described somewhere ?
> Right now in the drop down list there is already the word "round", if I
> select it it adds a dot after it and waits for another word. I don't
> understand a thing (but perhaps I am not familiar with the meaning of
> the English word "tag").

Thinks of tags as of very small labels that can only contain a word or
two to describe characteristics of something.

For example tags for an apple could be: round, green, red, tasty.

You can assign such tags to resources such as brushes so that you
could group e.g. all brushes that share a common feature.  For example
you ned only round brushes. So you tag all round brushes as "round"
and then at any time you can enter that tag, and only brushes that
have "round" tag will be displayed.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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