On Mon, 5 Sep 2011 16:05:45 +0400, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

> Thinks of tags as of very small labels that can only contain a word or
> two to describe characteristics of something.
> For example tags for an apple could be: round, green, red, tasty.
> You can assign such tags to resources such as brushes so that you
> could group e.g. all brushes that share a common feature.  For example
> you ned only round brushes. So you tag all round brushes as "round"
> and then at any time you can enter that tag, and only brushes that
> have "round" tag will be displayed.

Oh. After several attempts I finally realized that this field works in
conjunction with the "find" field.

It appears this is not self-explanatory, it should be "assign or remove
a tag", or something similar (IMO).

Thank you very much, at least I have understand what to search for.


Cristian Secară
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