>I would like to grab frames from the video at pre-defined time intervals
>of say one frame p/second. Then hopefully, auto-save the images in a
>numerical order, at a pre-defined size (i.e. 300 × 200 pixels) as Tiff
>or XCF format.

Linuxmedialabs make capture cards. http://linuxmedialabs.com/

>Therefore I would like to do the following:
>Automatically run through the originals directory, opening image after
>image, scaling them, and saving them in another directory, as Jpg's,
>something like this:

I have a perl script to do that using ImageMagick.
Other guys has posted a bash script that does the same.

>Anyone knows a magic script, or unix command line that can manage this
>kind of multi-image processing, or / and if you have any tips on the
>Video --> Tiff or XCF conversion possibilities for Linux would be much
>appreciated, anything that saves me a thousand dollars on some useless
>Windoze application!

You need hardware to capture the images, maybe a Quickcam or something. For
medium quality visit the site mentioned above, card LML33 is great for VHS
and such things. And IIRC it writes JPGs directly (or via included tools).

>I currently have Caldera with following image processing programs:
>Image Magic 4.1.7
>XV 3.10
>Gimp 1.02

Get newer version if you want. 1.0.4 estable (w/ GTK+ 1.2), 1.1.11 developer.

>Blender 1.36

Hey! Current is 1.70, lot of new things, upgrading is recommended.


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