Hi Gerd,

> I use Gimp 1.1.13 and it seems that add, substract and intersect
> selections doesn't work properly. I've tried it as usual:
> - switch to selection mode and make a selection
> - press Shift and make another selection
> Allthough the pointer changes to an arrow with a small plus-sign the
> selection isn't extended with the new one, but replaced. The same
happens with
> 'Ctrl' for substract and 'Ctrl-Shift' for intersect.
> Any ideas on this ? Did I compile something wrong or is it a bug ?

It's a bug, I first noticed it in Gimp1.1.7.
This is a very stupid bug and I'm sorry about it, because it's nearly
impossible to use Gimp without the selection-tool working properly.


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