There exists so called 'stiching' software that is supposed to do this
sort of thing.  I think I remember seeing something from Ulead but I
haven't used it.

You might try using the transform tool to shift perspective so that the
component images match up.  

Make a big canvas.
Paste in the starting image.
Paste in the second image near the first.
Then select the second image and shift its perspective so that it matches
up to the first.  

So on and so forth until they all match.

I'll put my camera on a tripod tonight and try it out.  Over the next few
days I'll put my camera on a tripod and try this out.  I'll post results
to the list.

I don't know if you'll be able to get the images to match at all on the
edges.  Distortion might be too great.  You may need some overlap to get
things to look nice.

Interesting question. :-)

Jon Winters

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