On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, Ian Boreham wrote:

> At 23:31 19/01/00 -0600, Jon Winters wrote:
> >I have done a quickie experiment trying to lace a few images together.  
> >I shot hand-held instead of on a tripod and I didn't bother to lock the
> >exposure or correct color.  
> >
> >It is possibl to put photos together into one big seamless but it is a
> >LOT of work.
> >
> >Here are the results:
> >http://obscura.obscurasite.com/images/office/
> Pretty impressive for a quickie manual effort. Which (gimp) tools did you use?

I used the transform tool (rotate and perspective) , and the move tool.

I also realize this morning that my office was a complete mess and I
should have cleaned it first. :-)

Feel free to grab the .xcf and the source images if you would like to try
and duplicate the experiment.

Its good gimp practice. 
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