> > I'd like to use a Script-Fu script from within gimp-perl a Gimp tells me:
> >     script-fu-drop-shadow(0,$unsel_lay,8,8,15,"black",60,1);
> You are trying to subtract "shadow" from "drop" from "fu" from
> "script". If you use a recent gimp version, then just use underscores
> (script_fu_drop_shadow) and everything will be fine.
> Well, almost. You will find that gimp and/or script-fu will happily crash
> when you try this. It might even work, but script-fu is broken in that
> respect since over a year now, and I don't expect that to change soon.

This is the result I get then:

marly-text-button: function/macro "script_fu_drop_shadow" not found in Gimp at 
/home/skrodzki/.gimp-1.1/plug-ins/marly-text-button line 39 (ERROR)

so I can't even check, if gimp could crash :-)


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