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> does anyone have any idea why the newest developer gimp wouldn't install
> correctly from source?  i can run ./configure, make, and make install
> (yes, as root) just fine, but all gimp does is install its libraries...
> the data files are build just fine, but not installed.  any ideas?  i've
> peeked at the makefiles, but it didn't help much.  any help would be
> greatly appreciated.  oh almost forgot... i'm on a pentium 266Mhz w/64mb
> ram & ~4gb of free space.  glibc & gtk+ are both at version 1.2.6
> ....anything else just email me.  ps- yes, this is the "latest"
> ddeveloper gimp (1.1.15)
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I installed gimp 1.1.15 a couple of days before and everything works fine.
I run a Red Hat Linux 6.1 and made an upgrade to the newest libs (glibc,
gtk...) Also have installed Gtk-Perl-0.700 but I think, this is not neccessary
to basically run gimp. Are you sure, running ./configure finds everyting it
needs? Have you installed all else neccessary libs, e.g. libjpeg, libtiff
(upgrade) etc.? Make sure, you have also installed the development parts of
the packages (e.g. gtk+-devel 1.2.6-1 on my system)! Have you made an "make
uninstall" in the root dir of previously installed gimp-version or removed any
old rpm-packages, that have installed gimp in your system? Donīt know, if my
hints may be helpful, anyhow, hope you will be successful,

Cheers Olli

Oliver Bienert
Phone: 030-47475624

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