Previous experience with transparent pngs indicates to me that Netscape
is brain dead when it comes to them.  I spent a ton of time trying to
figure out what was wrong.  I gave up and posted the image as is.  A
friend of mine viewed it with M$ IE and happened to mention to me that
he really liked the transparency.

This appears to be a problem with Netscape on any platform. :(

Alexander Werner Skwar wrote:
> Hi!
> How do I create a RGB png image which has a transparent background?
> From I understood (?) that I need to add an
> alpha channel.  So I clicked on Image->Alpha->Add Alpha Channel.  Next I
> selected the regions to be made transparent, and clicked on
> Image->Alpha->Threshold Alpha.  Okay, the regions are now as transparent
> as I want them to be in gimp.  Now I saved this image.
> After that I wrote a real basic html file which uses this image with
> <img src="...">.   When I load this page in Netscape v4.7 I don't see
> any transparency at all.  Reading further on I found that
> Netscape's alpha channel support is broken.
> Is this still true, and are there any plugins for Netscape (Linux) that
> add full alpha channel support?
> Alexander Skwar
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