> Previous experience with transparent pngs indicates to me that Netscape
> is brain dead when it comes to them.  I spent a ton of time trying to
> figure out what was wrong.  I gave up and posted the image as is.  A
> friend of mine viewed it with M$ IE and happened to mention to me that
> he really liked the transparency.
> This appears to be a problem with Netscape on any platform. :(

Your friend must have been using the latest version of M$ IE (5.0)
because version 4 didn't support transparency.  Netscape version 5
also supports transparency, and is available as an alpha-test
version from www.mozilla.org (Milestone 13 is the latest alpha).

But even if version 5 of the popular browsers do support transparent
PNG images, it might not be a wise idea to assume that everyone
viewing your pages is using the latest version.

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