On Wed 09-Feb-2000 at 10:27:12PM +0000, Bruno Postle wrote:
> I've set up the artpad to work with XFree86 as per Owen Taylor's
> instructions at: 
> http://www.gtk.org/~otaylor/xinput/howto/

> I've compiled and installed gtk+ 1.2.6  using
> ./configure --with-xinput=xfree
> The Gimp/gtk doesn't seem to recognise the tablet, when I select
> dialogs / input devices, it tells me 'no input devices'. The problem is
> the same in gsumi.

For the record, I got the pad working by removing all traces of gtk
and recompiling. Then I needed to recompile the Gimp and Gsumi before
they would detect the pad.

Thanks to whoever implemented pen tablets in the Gimp/gtk, everything is
fantastic :-)


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