On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Jon Winters wrote:

> You can use something like ImageMagick to convert them to .gif images then
> use something like gifmerge to make them into a .gif anim.  When you open
> the .gif in Gimp each frame should be a layer.
> I don't know anything about the .pbm format.  Is it indexed?  If not then
> the above method would result in a loss of image quality.  

pbm = Portable BitMap.  it's generally the format of the scanner output
(when using sane, at least).  so, no, it's not indexed.

to automatically combine several pbm's to one layered file, you'd probably
have to write a gimp script, and then still enter each file name to merge
in a dialog box.  this seems like more trouble than it's worth.

with mettaa...

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