> That was my initial thought but I tried the plugin and it was no
> workie! Now I've seen samples of that effect generated by that
> plugin but the default settings do nothing and fifteen minutes of
> messing with it did not help.

Maybe 15 minutes are not enough. ;-)

Draw your shape (b/w), blur it really good and then apply the newsprint
plug-in with about 80 LPI and 10 pixel cell size. All angles (red,
green, blue) should be set to the same value (!!! - 35 degrees look

Now fill a new layer with the desired color. Add a layer mask. Paste the
newsprinted stuff into it. That's all...

Have a look at a tutorial of mine describing making 'techno text' using
this technic at the Gimp User Group [http://gug.sunsite.dk].

CU, Michael

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