>Firstly, am I going down the right track by looking here ?

Yes, if you know how to compile after getting the files.

>Secondly, what do I do with these files once I download them -- some of
>these files are large, so I am not going to download them yet until I know
>for sure these are what I want.

Get the bz2 better (smaller, but same contents), the basic is 1.1.24. If you
have 1.1.23, you can get the patch file instead. If you do not have lots of
brushes, textures and similar things, get the extra too.

>Thirdly, as I am a newbie, could I ask for a bit of hand-holding as to what
>I do once I have downloaded them ? I know that I need to gunzip and tar -xvf
>these files, but once I have done this, I am getting into unfamiliar
>territory when it comes to compiling them. I've already tried to compile
>some downloaded GIMP plug-ins, and fell flat on my face.

Oh oh. For the bz2 you have to use bunzip2, then tar (or single command tar
with special params, read the man page... btw it also works with gz, add
-z). The process is explained in a file that comes, readme or install, I can
not remember exactly. Normally ./configure --things-I-want, make, make
install. You can give it a try, but as I newbie I dunno if you will like it.

>....or is it possible to get a pre-compiled package for the developers'
>edition of GIMP (e.g. RPMs...) ??

Of course, Helix GNOME provides RPM of it, even 1.1.24 as some pointed out.


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