Just out of curiosity, for all those who are having touble with Resinthesizer,
which compiler are you using?  It works fine on my x86 box with ecgs, however,
I'm having troubles on my alpha using gcc.  At first I just assumed my problem
was having a different architecture (linux programs always seem more stable on
my x86 box), but after hearing that lots of people are having problems with it
I wonder if it might be the compiler.  gcc does tend to have trouble sometimes
at making runnable code (perhaps it's more unforgiving).  I am actualy getting
segmentation faults on quite a few of my plugins.  If I bring up the gimp, and
pick the first plugin I come to (sethspin), I get a seg fault (but typing E at
the console gimp is running on kills the plugin without crashing the gimp too)

-James Smaby

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