Hi all,
I don't speak very good english so, I'll try to write the less as possible ;-) 
I've got some questions about gimp. 
*) How keep the toolbar on the top of the desktop (with Ph0t0sh0p I always have 
it on the top)
*) How to do a bitmap trame (like http://axel584.free.fr/index6.shtml) (with 
Ph0t0sh0p it in the image/mode menu)
*) Where can I found script/plug-in like eye candy (but free and under gimp of 
course ;-) ...) (Eye-candy make 3D effects on the selection shape)
*) Can we use a vector editor with gimp ? (like illustrat0r and Ph0t0sh0p who 
work together...)
*) Do exist a soft/plug-in to help the creation of the script ? (like in 
Ph0t0sh0p where we can record some actions and play them again)

Thank's for all

Axel R.

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