[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-08-03 at 1718.00 +0200):
> Hi all,
> I don't speak very good english so, I'll try to write the less as possible ;-) 

It seems you also have problems with product names. ;]

> I've got some questions about gimp. 
> *) How keep the toolbar on the top of the desktop (with Ph0t0sh0p I always have 
> it on the top)

I suppose you mean the window with the buttons and the color
selector. That is a window manager task (supposing you use a X
version), check your wm documentation for always on top settings.

> *) How to do a bitmap trame (like http://axel584.free.fr/index6.shtml) (with 
> Ph0t0sh0p it in the image/mode menu)

If you mean the printer effect, MB3 -> Filters -> Distorts ->
Newsprint. I think I saw a tutorial about what parameters to get that
effect, but can not remember where.

> *) Where can I found script/plug-in like eye candy (but free and under gimp of 
> course ;-) ...) (Eye-candy make 3D effects on the selection shape)

Under script-fu menu maybe. Or if not, code your own scripts. All
those 3D effects are just combinations of bump map, displaces and
similar things. Gimp is a Do It Yourself tool (plugin, script or hand
made) while PS is more "pay me for a script" oriented.

Can you put a webpage with the one small image of each effect?

> *) Can we use a vector editor with gimp ? (like illustrat0r and Ph0t0sh0p who
> work together...)

If you can save as image (pixels) and trace shapes with the vector
one, of course. Gimp can also read some vector formats, like PS / EPS
(it renders to pixels to import).

> *) Do exist a soft/plug-in to help the creation of the script ? (like in 
> Ph0t0sh0p where we can record some actions and play them again)

Nope yet. Or maybe, it is called text editor with help for the
languaje you choose (scheme, perl or python). ;]


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