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> 1. Would it be ok if this was maybe translated into Swedish some day and
> mirrored at a gimp-page? Maybe GUG will want it too.

Sure, take it, hack it, translate it, whatever you want.
> 2. How widely-used should script-fu still be? I recall hearing a
> discussion that SF would (should?) die in favour of perl-fu and
> c-plugins?  It'd be great fun to know how to code my own plugin in
> C...but already knowing some SF, should this knowledge be considered
> old and obsolete?

For example Script-Fu and Python-Fu are very similar. Learning script
programming with Gimp is IMHO more an issue of learing how Gimp and
the PDB works. One's you are handy with that, it shouldn't be a great
problem to translate to Python-Fu or Perl-Fu. Even C-Plugin's are very
similar, only a bit more complicated. 

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