>most probably a problem of both gif and the tools you used.

Yes, I agree the tools were a poor choice.  Since this doesn't
solve your problem, just points out a new one, I'll try and be
helpfull by suggesting a new set of tools.  If all you want to
do is add arrows, you can do that from the gimp just fine.  If
you are saving as a black and white picture (somehow I imagine
you are), gif is fine.  This probably will not give you strait
edges without some tweaking, so it may be easier to create the
scanned in image with xfig instead of switching between analog
and digital.  If there is good reason to make your arrows with
xfig, you can import those arrows into gimp.  If there is some
reason that you want to go from gimp to xfig, so can save from
the gimp in postscript, or perhaps even try to convert between
bitmap and vector with autotrace:
Hope that helped.
-James Smaby

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