> I've got to say that annoying as spam is htting the delete button isn't
> that hard :)

you obviously dont have to download around 500k of spam a day over a modem
link  ;-)
at my work address, spam is just a 'd' key away. at home, my old and
trusted account has been picked up by more spammers than "fran-spam the
great spamming man of spam"  (thanks to me using USENET I guess :-|)
and its a consant fight.

I guess when we in the UK finally get access to decent telecomms (eg
33Mb/s cable modem or *proper* ADSL (not the junk 'reduced ADSL' that BT
are offering) then i wont be bothered.

anyway, lets drop this...spam can cause more bandwidth from people
complaining than the original message ever did  ;-)


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