[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-10-13 at 1338.15 +0200):
> > I just wish I could afford one right now.  8-{
> Are they any good?  I mean, woudln't it any time be better
> to just draw on paper and scan it?

Do you have an airbrush (the real ones, with compressor, needle,
paint, etc)? Can you smear an ink drawing? Clone parts of an image in
paper? Erase thounsand of times without damaging the paper? That are
some reasons to use a tablet.

Scanners and tablets are compatible, complementary. Some things can
not be done with the other. And using a drawing / photo retouching
program with a pen instead of a "brick" is quite comfortable. They are
more expensive than a mouse, but they also help more.

> As far as I know, gimp doesn't do free-hand vector-drawings?

Nope, only bitmap operations.


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