[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-10-14 at 0047.27 +0200):
> I see your point.  How big are they?  And how expensive?

They are the advertised size of active area plus 5 - 14 cm of inactive
area in each direction. For example my A5 has an active area of about
21 * 17, but the total size is about 33 * 24 cm. All are about 1.5 cm
thick (dunno about the LCD model). In the maker's site they should
have all the specs. From what I remember, the smallest Wacom model was
A5 total, A6 active. And the next up, A4, was just a bit bigger than
an A4: the inactive area is more or less constant.

The pen is a normal plastic one... a bit light for my tastes (I use a
heavy tech pen daily ;] ). You can also get a "mouse" for the tablet,
and in latest models, the avaliable pens are more than what you will
need for normal tasks.

Trick: if you want to feel "paper" instead of "plastic" you can put a
paper over the tablet and keep on drawing. It can damage the tip
faster, but they are easily replaceable.

> Are they something you just go out and buy, just to try it
> out, or.. ?

No, I would not say that you should buy one just for fun. But seeing
that some guys are capable of risking a full computer to try liquid N2
or other coolants... who knows. ;P If you could give it a try at the
shop or friend's computer, do it, I got one after playing with one in
a DTP shop I know.

[free hand vectors]
> Ok.  I was thinking perhaps there was an option in the Gfig
> I'd overseen.

I think there is no such option in GFig. But Gimp uses pressure (and
tilt?) to modify things like opacity and size (user decides what). And
IIRC, the idea about behaving like other applications has been
discussed for 2.0. So maybe someday.


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