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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-10-13 at 1338.15 +0200):
> > > I just wish I could afford one right now.  8-{
> > Are they any good?  I mean, woudln't it any time be better
> > to just draw on paper and scan it?
> Do you have an airbrush (the real ones, with compressor, needle,
> paint, etc)? Can you smear an ink drawing? Clone parts of an image in
> paper? Erase thounsand of times without damaging the paper? That are
> some reasons to use a tablet.

I see your point.  How big are they?  And how expensive?
Are they something you just go out and buy, just to try it
out, or.. ?

> > As far as I know, gimp doesn't do free-hand vector-drawings?
> Nope, only bitmap operations.

Ok.  I was thinking perhaps there was an option in the Gfig
I'd overseen.


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