Hi Seth,
just a few questions, if I understand you correctly:

>you wrote: 
> I would suggest using Guides.  To use a guide, drag it
> out from the ruler and place it where you want a
> boundary to be. 

That means, if I create a  new Image, I can use the rulers
at the sides of my new image to get a guide, or do I have
to go into the menue right mousebuton->guides->guides 
grid? I tried to follow your suggestion that way: 
I draged a line (what seemed to be your mentioned guide)
out of the ruler, by pressing the left mouse button at the
(0;0) coordinates of the rulers. I noticed that I just get this
line, when I start at the (0;0) point of the rulers. Now, when 
I place the mousepointer on this line and start drawing a 
new circle, it snaps to this line, but when I start drawing 
a circle anywhere in my new image, it doesn't snap to it.
The same with selections. When I select a drawn circle it
doesn't snaps either to the line. It would be nice, if you could
tell me, if I did it the way you meant it? 
BTW, with your method I can get to circles who start at the
same spot, but I like to have two circles, that have theire
center exactly at the same spot, where the center of my whole
image is, any idea?

Thanx for your help,



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