I think that you are trying to save an RGBed image as a gif.  Gimp will
not do that.

Work with the image in RGB.  When you are ready to save it, use
Image>Mode>Indexed.  That will give you some interesting
possiblilities.  Once the image is indexed, it will save as a gif.

If I am not reading your problem right, you will need to send more
details about the conditions that made you think that gif format doesn't
work on the Gimp.

The Gimp doesn't have a problem with gifs.  Gifs have problems.  

> I'm trying to make transparent gifs for my page, and it doesn't seem to
> support gif format at all. RGB mode is also out, and I heard that Gimp is
> having trouble with gifs or something....? Anyways, if that is the problem
> and there's no way of making it support gifs, are there and other file
> formats that support transparency?

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