On Mon, 25 Dec 2000, Zoe Mamalingas wrote:

> Kinda new to Gimp since I only downloaded it a few days ago, and I know this
> is probably a stupid question but...

My first question to this list (also about gifs and transparency) was
stupid as well.  People here were very kind.

> I'm trying to make transparent gifs for my page, and it doesn't seem to
> support gif format at all. RGB mode is also out,

As others have mentioned, you need to convert to an indexed format before
saving as gif.  But as your later message shows, you seem to be running a
version of the GIMP which has very few formats compiled in.  Did you
compile yourself, or did you download the binary?  Were there notes about
that binary where you got it that covered this?

What really supprised me was that I didn't see XCF among the list of
options posted.

Anyway, just in case you are going to ask the question I first asked
(though it doesn't sound like it) you can't "feather to transparent" with
a GIF because a GIF only has one bit for transparency, JPEGs don't have
transparency at all, so that leaves either for web documents

          (1) Using PNGs
          (2) Using non-transparent GIFs, but with different backgrounds
              for each potential page.

Of course, if you are not trying to feather to transparency, then this is
all moot advice.


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