Thanks for the help about rgb - I didn't know that. Problem is, even after 
I've indexed it, and kept it below a palette of 255 colors, I'm still 
getting "unknown file type" when I try to save it as a gif. The only options 
available are CEL, PNG, PSD, AND TGA (ugh!) It simply won't open and files 
with a .gif extension.

Thank you again for putting up with me....


>From: Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>To: Zoe Mamalingas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Gimp User Group 
>Subject: Re: Gifs and transparency
>Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 20:11:56 -0500
>I think that you are trying to save an RGBed image as a gif.  Gimp will
>not do that.
>Work with the image in RGB.  When you are ready to save it, use
>Image>Mode>Indexed.  That will give you some interesting
>possiblilities.  Once the image is indexed, it will save as a gif.
>If I am not reading your problem right, you will need to send more
>details about the conditions that made you think that gif format doesn't
>work on the Gimp.
>The Gimp doesn't have a problem with gifs.  Gifs have problems.
> > I'm trying to make transparent gifs for my page, and it doesn't seem to
> > support gif format at all. RGB mode is also out, and I heard that Gimp 
> > having trouble with gifs or something....? Anyways, if that is the 
> > and there's no way of making it support gifs, are there and other file
> > formats that support transparency?
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