On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 07:15:58PM +0000, Pat David wrote:
> Michael made a comment on the previous thread about the dev update posts
> from Karine.  I _think_ he meant gimp-dev vs. gimp-web, but I'm going to
> update everyone anyway.


> On that note, is there any thought/problems/advice on possibly hosting the
> new site data on something like github for easier collaboration with
> interested folks?  I don't mind managing this and acting as an
> arbiter/filter for submissions.  It has at least the benefit of being a
> little less scary than going through gnome, and adds at least a layer of
> abstraction/safety from the repo.  I'm just not 100% of the best way to
> keep github in sync with what we do on gimp-web-static, but can figure it
> out I guess...
> Sorry this was so long!
> pat

Very good work.

My only concern is about using markdown (see my other post and my little
https://github.com/ciampix/kicad-doc/tree/master/doc_alternatives), and BTW:

1) Pelican works with asciidoc too:


2) github (as you see by my link) render asciidoc nicely

my 2 cents


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