> i'm always nervous about something that is an inexpensive as gina.  there
> is always a catch somewhere.  in this 85ish range you are getting in can't
> say i see that with mine, however my mackie out is about 86 or so on my
> gina so i wouldn't worry too much.  still it would be nice to see 90 with
> everything turned down eh?

Hi John

Thanks for the response

Yeah you're right about the Gina being inexpensive. It doesn't worry 
me excessively to have a S/N ratio of -85 as compared to -90dB, as I'm 
only using the analogue inputs to record the outputs of a couple of 
effects units and an analogue keyboard, all submixed through a 
relatively noisy small mixer. What does worry me is the way the noise 
performance keeps changing! All the figures I've quoted are with 
nothing plugged into the inputs at all. Perhaps it's something to do 
with the power supply or something in my PC? Any ideas?



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