What are the specs of your system?  I sometimes have this problem in my
old Pentium 166, but it's when I run out of processing power. I guess the
SPDIF uses the computers processor for something anyway. I thought that all
operations were done by the DSP chip on the Gina, but in my own experience
I get this short glitches when I'm running the SPDIF and a 2 or 3 programs
more. As an example I get the signal from my CD drive by the SPDIF and use
the Ginas DA converters to get a nice sound, but when I run the Windows
CDPlayer and a nice program called Audio Meter and then I go to Echoconsole
to adjust levels or even when I chage settings on the Audio Meter then the
sound starts to glitch. Anyone else has notice this problems? Have you
installed the new drivers (4.05)?


H V Sahasrabuddhe wrote:

> Yes, and I have difficulty recording back to DAT from the gina.  I have
> the format set to professional for DA-P1 and consumer for 60ES, but the
> signal is lost for short intervals at random times.  Has anyone else
> encountered this?
> Hari Sahasrabuddhe
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